Imagine if every hospital patient felt the warmth of your support.

Imagine if every hospital patient felt the warmth of your support.


Auckland City Hospital welcomes patients from across New Zealand, caring for people often facing life’s greatest health challenges.

Let’s provide a touch of home for patients in our hospital, and give them a little extra TLC while undergoing treatment, with a hospital care pack.

Did you know that Auckland City Hospital is New Zealand’s sole provider of many specialist treatments? 

Whether saving the lives of stroke patients, providing mechanical life support (ECMO), treating cancer with radiation therapy, performing heart and lung transplants, or supporting high-risk pregnancies; Auckland City Hospital is at the forefront of specialist care.

Every year, over half a million people are cared for at Auckland City Hospital, and over 7,000 babies are welcomed.

Arriving at the hospital is a nerve-wracking and unsettling time for many people. You may recall a time when you or a loved one were hospitalised – it can feel overwhelming. At this stressful time, a hospital care pack can provide comfort and support, and give patients one less thing to think about.

What is a hospital care pack?

What is a hospital care pack?

Hospital care packs are much-needed and appreciated gifts for over 40,000 patients at Auckland City Hospital every year.

These packs provide patients with necessities, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, earplugs, shampoo, conditioner, socks and an eye mask to aid sleep in the busy, bright, and noisy ward environment.

New Zealanders come to Auckland City Hospital from across the country – some arrive at their most vulnerable, with no belongings and no support, and without the means or foresight to pack their necessities. While some enjoy visits from loved ones, many patients find themselves without friends and whānau to assist them, as they also cope with a serious illness or injury.

Imagine if every patient in our hospital felt the warmth of your support.