A familiar face pays our team a welcome visit

The ever-popular Jeremy Corbett, of TV3’s The Project and 7 Days fame, popped into the Auckland Hospital Foundation to share this thanks.

The state-of-the-art bike allows intensive care patients to exercise in their hospital bed through muscle stimulation while they are paralysed or sedated, which keeps their muscles moving and can help them get mobile sooner.

Fortunately for Jeremy, his wife Megan took one look at him and had other ideas, taking him straight to Auckland City Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED).  “She said, ‘It’s bad, let’s not muck around,’ so off we went,” says Jeremy.

Jeremy was immediately admitted to Auckland City Hospital and spent the next four days being treated for cellulitis, a common and potentially serious bacterial skin infection, but he felt instantly better thanks to the quick actions of staff in the ED and on Ward 74.

“Megan and I were so impressed with the ED nurse who was awesome at dealing with everyone who came in.  From the very beginning, I had such great staff.  Everything was seamless and nothing seemed to be a problem.”

Once he received treatment, Jeremy was lucky and wasn’t in any pain, but doctors wanted him to stay in hospital to be sure they’d “knocked it on the head” he says.  “They kept me informed and the nurses kept checking on me, so I could just rest and enjoy my week off work.

“I feel very grateful to my wife, everyone who looked after me in hospital, and Sir Alexander Fleming for discovering penicillin.  Without him, I wouldn’t have been so lucky.”

Jeremy was back co-hosting TV3’s The Project the following Monday, where he shared with viewers his gratitude to everyone at Auckland City Hospital.  And we were then grateful to him for visiting us and sharing his story.