Help us spread some festive cheer!

Christmas baubles will bring the spirit of the season to patients and staff spending the holidays in hospital this year. Add to the joy!

Christmas is a time for being with friends, family and loved ones.  Unfortunately, there will always be people in hospital over Christmas; whether they are too ill to go home, or they are working to care for patients.

That’s why the Auckland Hospital Foundation has decided to bring some Christmas cheer to Auckland City Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre this year.

During December we will have a Christmas tree at each site, and we need your help to decorate them!  We want to fill each tree with Christmas cheer from lovely people like you, spreading festive joy whilst sharing messages of support to patients and staff alike.

Please write your message on a Christmas bauble and return to us, so we can share your well wishes, and brighten someone’s day with the spirit of the season.

Click here to download printable Christmas baubles, if you’d like to scan and email them back to us, or you can always pop them in the post!

Teal is for messages to staff and purple is for messages to patients – we’d love you to fill in one or both. Thank you for your kind support.

Otherwise, simply email us at with your message for patients and/or staff, and we’ll write it on a bauble for you and hang it on our tree.

Keep an eye on social media and for photos of our tree, and watch the festive spirit spread as we get more and more baubles throughout December! Click here to read our Christmas newsletter.

Here are some bauble messages from our famous friends:

Hey! You! Thanks from me personally for the kind way you treated me when I visited with a bloated up infected face. You were thoughtful, thorough and didn’t laugh at me! Even though you drew on me in indelible ink, you made me feel in safe, safe hands.

Jeremy Corbett’s message to staff having been cared for at Auckland City Hospital in July when he was treated for facial cellulitis

Kia ora e te whanau! Kia ora friends!  My wish for you this Christmas is just the right care, a speedy recovery and to catch hold of some of the aroha in the air, breathe in the love! Big gentle hugs from me to you this Christmas, love Petra xx

– Auckland Hospital Foundation Ambassador Petra Bagust’s message to patients

Click here to read our Christmas newsletter – enjoy – and have a merry Christmas and wonderful New Year! 

If you’re looking for other ways to spread some festive cheer, how about making an extra special difference by fundraising for your chosen DHB department or priority project?

Click here for a little festive fundraising inspiration, and please contact Hannah, who can support you every step of the way.