Helping patients breathe easy

The Respiratory team at Auckland City Hospital is grateful for family’s donation to aid others’ breathing

It is such a useful piece of equipment – Respiratory Charge Nurse Sinu Mohan

The team on Ward 72 at Auckland City Hospital is making the most of new equipment to monitor patients’ breathing, thanks to a generous donation from the Hunter family.

Auckland City Hospital Charge Nurse for Respiratory Service Sinu Mohan said the transcutaneous CO2 monitor, which was purchased with the $30,000 gift, is making a big difference.

“It is such a useful piece of equipment and we’re very grateful to the Hunter family for their generosity, which made this purchase possible,” said Sinu.

The new equipment monitors the oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide concentration in the patient’s blood through a sensor affixed to skin, which gives staff an overall assessment of the patient’s ventilation.

By providing instantaneous feedback on the patient’s ventilation effectiveness, the CO2 monitor gives early warning of respiratory compromise.

The Hunter family, owners of the Auckland-based education company Writer’s Toolbox, were delighted to purchase the new CO2 monitor for the hospital’s respiratory department.

Ian and Debra Hunter said: “Respiratory problems of any form are frightening. We have experienced lung disease on both sides of our family, so we know what a difficult and painful time it can be for many people. We were pleased to support the great work of the team at the respiratory unit in this way.

“If the CO2 monitor can help aid accurate and speedy diagnosis, then that’s a good thing,” said Ian.

The Hunter family’s gift is hugely appreciated and will make a wonderful difference on Ward 72.

Ian and Debra were so delighted with the difference their donation made, they chose to support the team with another generous donation, which assists patients with MND. To find out more click here.