Keeping New Zealanders safe

A message from Auckland DHB Clinical Director of Adult Infectious Diseases Dr Rupert Handy.

In my role, I’m seeing something completely unprecedented, as COVID-19 changes the lives of all New Zealanders.

However, as a result of these testing times, I’m also seeing the dedication and amazing contribution of our health workers. They have a huge responsibility, and they are rising to the challenge with selflessness and courage.

My team is committed to helping New Zealand get through this pandemic – keeping people safe, slowing the spread, and saving lives. To do that, we need your help. We are at work for you, so please, stay in your bubbles for us.

Whilst at home, you may feel that you have little control over the situation, but you make all the difference. There are many ways you can help my team. Click here to find out more. All donations will go where they are needed most during this ever-evolving crisis; all donations will help us get through this, together.

On behalf of our team here at Auckland City Hospital and health workers across New Zealand, who are at the front-line of fighting this pandemic, thank you for your support.“Some of our patients are in Intensive Care for several weeks or even months and are too unwell to get out of bed. After lying down for so long, even sitting on the side of the bed is a challenge, so passive or active muscle movement and exercise is really important.

“By providing passive or active exercise, the Supine Bike will help to prevent muscle wastage for bed-bound patients, and may help to make their rehabilitation easier once they leave ICU,” says Ana.

The donation of the bike, valued at $40,000, was made by a family member of a much-loved patient who spent 77 days in ICU. They wanted to make a difference for future patients, and bring this innovative technology to the hospital, which wouldn’t have been possible without their support.

L-R: Auckland DHB Nurse Unit Manager Ana Gluyas, Claire McLaughlin-Nepia, and Amber Van Lit from CMDHB
L-R: Auckland DHB Nurse Unit Manager Ana Gluyas, Senior Nurse Claire McLaughlin-Nepia; and Amber Van Lit from CMDHB

Ana adds: “We are so grateful for this donation, which will benefit many patients, and we’re delighted to be the first ICU in the country to give patients access to this incredible technology.”