The future looks bright with Eyesi

The future of New Zealand’s eye health looks brighter, thanks to the Lindsay Foundation (originally published 2020).

The Lindsay Foundation has donated nearly $400,000 to fund Eyesi® Surgical (Eyesi), a virtual reality simulator for eye surgery training, which will benefit thousands of patients every year.

This state-of-the-art simulation equipment enables ophthalmologists to practice delicate inner-eye surgeries, including cataract removals, by replicating real-life situations in clinical settings.

Eyesi increases surgeons’ experience and expertise in a risk-free setting, allowing them to develop new techniques before treating patients.

Auckland City Hospital Ophthalmology Director Sarah Welch says, “Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness in the world. Internationally, hospitals that use Eyesi to train surgeons report fewer complications during eye surgeries, compared to before using it; we’re excited to reap the benefits of this incredible machine.”

Auckland City Hospital and its associated sites treat nearly 4,000 people annually for cataract removals and other inner eye procedures, and all ophthalmology surgeons will have the opportunity to receive training with Eyesi. The team will also work with colleagues across New Zealand, with plans to regularly move the machine around the country, enabling trainees to learn from this technology close to home.

Eyesi eye surgery simulator

Lindsay Foundation CEO Andrew Higgott says, “The Lindsay Foundation is proud to bring technology like Eyesi to New Zealand.  This remarkable equipment will help to protect Kiwis’ sight now and in the future, and we’re delighted to make such a positive difference.”

Auckland Hospital Foundation Director Candy Schroder says, “We’re grateful to the Lindsay Foundation for recognising the value of delivering the world’s best simulation equipment to New Zealand.  Their generosity will literally change lives.”

This partnership is the second the Lindsay Foundation has entered into with the Auckland Hospital Foundation. In 2019, they funded a Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) machine, a simulator that enables health professionals to practice life-saving CPR skills.  Read more about the Lindsay Foundation’s funding of RQI here.

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To donate to your chosen hospital department or project today, click hereRead about Alan Most’s experience as a patient at Auckland City Hospital’s Eye Clinic here.

Eyesi eye surgery simulator

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