COVID-19 has put unprecedented personal strain on every member of our Auckland City Hospital whānau; physically, emotionally or financially. Your support is making a difference.

Throughout the pandemic, some staff have had to isolate away from their families due to the vulnerability of loved ones. Some are suddenly the only income source for their households and wider whānau. Many are facing challenges of uncertainty and rapid change at home.

Now, more than ever, we need to help each other. That’s why we’ve established a ‘staff wellness’ fund.

We want to provide some necessary extra support systems for those who need a helping hand as they support patients throughout our hospital, both with and without COVID-19.

Orderly Services Supervisor Rae Piniata (left) says, “Many are not just supporting themselves and their families, but also members of their extended whānau. Most are shy to put up their hand for help. They are very grateful that you are thinking of them.”

Funds raised for ‘staff wellness’ are used to support staff across Auckland City Hospital. Your donations help provide things like care packages for staff, transport support, accommodation relief and food. Funds raised also go towards the Wellness Centre, which we help to provide at the hospital. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to open the centre, which connects staff to information and external services to provide longer term help for these families.

Your donations are used to provide short-term immediate relief for those in our hospital most impacted by COVID-19, and also help ensure we can offer sustainable support in the longer term for those who need it.

“This is not just about the pandemic; it’s about giving ourselves and our children the opportunity to improve our lives and change the direction.” – Orderly Sam Fuimaono (right)

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