Auckland City Hospital provides treatment and support for 1.5 million people within the greater Auckland region.  Our goal is to fund advancements in cancer care at Auckland City Hospital, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

One in three New Zealanders will have an experience with cancer, either personally or through a loved one.  It is the country’s leading cause of death and affects people of all ages, and its impact on families can be devastating.

Cancer patients and their whānau come to Auckland City Hospital from across the Northern Region, and more than 50,000 patients are supported every year.  Our hospital is the only public provider of radiation in the region.

Thousands rely on these services, which can be life saving.

When you give to our cancer department, you’re helping to ensure these patients can receive the best possible treatment and care.

From improved facilities, to the latest technologies, we want to improve health outcomes wherever possible and make the experience better for patients and their whānau.

There are advancements in cancer treatment and care happening around the world every day, and we want patients like Crisley and Michael to benefit from the best world-leading innovations, here at Auckland City Hospital.

Crisley (pictured above) was just 29 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she counted herself lucky to be surrounded by the best specialists, nurses and surgeons.

Read Crisley’s life-affirming story here.

Michael (pictured left, with wife Suzana) has been treated at Auckland City Hospital since 2007, since being diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous brain tumour.  Today, he’s living a full life, and is grateful for the ongoing care he continues to receive.  Read more here.