In the fast-paced world of medical advancements, our supporters can help ensure we bring the world’s best equipment to our hospitals.

Together, we can accelerate the time it takes for new technologies to reach our hospitals; technologies that could transform the way patients are treated, leading to better health outcomes for everyone.

We raise funds to invest in new technologies that will increase the range of digital health tools and services available at our hospitals.

The Lindsay Foundation (CEO Andrew Higgott, pictured left practicing CPR) has invested in a life-saving piece of equipment, which has revolutionised the delivery of CPR training in our hospitals.  The use of this technology overseas has seen a significant increase in cardiac arrest survival rates, and our teams are so grateful to have access to it.

Read more about the Lindsay Foundation’s donation here.

Our supporters can help make a huge difference, improving patients’ health and wellbeing in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 

People throughout New Zealand rely on the services provided by Auckland Hospital, including all heart and lung transplants.

Thanks to a gift in memory of a loved one treated at Auckland Hospital, intensive care patients now have access to New Zealand’s first supine bike in an ICU (pictured right), allowing them to exercise in bed and significantly helping their rehabilitation journey.

Read more about the incredible supine bike here.

To ensure all New Zealanders continue to receive world-leading care in our hospitals, we are always raising funds to enable the purchase of the world’s best medical equipment.