Our supporters help to up-skill our healthcare workers, empowering them to further their careers and deliver the best care for all the communities they serve.

Thanks to our supporters, healthcare workers in our hospitals receive additional support and training opportunities, helping them to reach their potential and follow their dreams.

Healthcare workers play a vital role in all our lives.  These passionate and caring individuals often believe healthcare is the only career for them, but for many, it remains a dream, because they don’t have the resources they need to progress.

By breaking down the barriers these people face, by offering financial, cultural, social and additional professional support we are finding more healthcare workers progressing their careers and opportunities within health.

Together, we can build a stronger, more diverse healthcare workforce to care for us all today and into the future.

More than 400 health workers at our hospitals were grateful to the New Zealand Communities Growth Trust (NZCGT) for funding towards the To Thrive programme, which helps people working within cleaning, waste and orderly services to meet their career goals.

The To Thrive Job Fair at Auckland City Hospital (pictured right) gave attendees the opportunity to network, discover new career paths and get support for their futures in healthcare.

Today we continue to support staff; our most recent programme provides scholarships to those wanting to make a career in nursing or midwifery.

To find out how you can help nurses and midwives rise, to achieve their goals and care for us all, click here.