They say practice makes perfect. You can help Auckland DHB clinicians deliver world-class healthcare to you and your loved ones.

Auckland City Hospital is New Zealand’s largest teaching hospital and, whilst simulation is already happening within Auckland DHB, the potential for improvement is vast.

The Auckland Hospital Foundation, together with Auckland DHB, is committed to creating a fully-resourced, state-of-the-art, in-hospital simulation suite, which will be the first of its complexity in New Zealand.

The simulation service is an exciting opportunity to bring consistent world-class teaching facilities to Auckland DHB, but it will only be possible with the help of Auckland Hospital Foundation supporters. 

Contributions to the development of world-class simulation will directly benefit DHB staff and patients across New Zealand, improving clinical quality and safety.

Reacting quickly and accurately when faced with unexpected situations is critical to providing the best patient care and, in some cases, saving lives. The best way for health professionals to ensure they get it right, when it matters, is to practice together.

The fully-integrated simulation suite will be used by all levels of clinical staff, from Healthcare Assistants to Consultants, allowing them to practice skills and manage patients as a team.

Simulation offers clinicians hands-on experience without putting patients or themselves at risk. By replicating real-life medical situations in clinical settings, simulation enables staff to:

  • Practice technical and non-technical skills
  • Gain exposure to relatively infrequent clinical conditions
  • Prepare for complex clinical situations
  • Improve competency with procedures

The simulation suite will look and feel like a typical operating theatre, ward or other medical setting, complete with reactive manikins that can be used to stage any medical or surgical scenario.

The manikins imitate real life – they cough, they have a heartbeat, breathing rate, lung sounds and blink rates. The scenarios will be controlled by qualified educators, leading to broader skills and deeper understanding.

With your support, the development of world-class simulation in Auckland is expected to take shape over three years. To make it a reality, three key resources are needed:

  • People
  • Equipment
  • Space

You can contribute directly towards the development of world-class simulation – we are grateful for donations of any size – big or small.

For more information, and to read our case for support, click here.

We are currently fundraising for two Emergency Trauma Simulation Packages, which will help staff practise their life-saving skills.  Find more information and donate towards the packages here.

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