We love hearing from our supporters, so we were delighted to receive this message from Jill, who made a donation to thank the Auckland City Hospital teams who cared for her:

“The staff at Auckland City Hospital saved my life, literally, when I had a spontaneous coronary artery dissection twelve years ago, just before the New Year.  At the time I did not realise how serious my condition was, as I felt fine when I woke in the ICU.  I just wanted to go home for a New Year’s Eve party and my birthday party two days later, and I could not understand why the nurse said it was not possible!

“It was not until sometime later that my cardiologist Dr David Heaven explained just how close I came to dying.  At the time, I did not realise the wonderful work the Emergency Department and Cardiac ICU staff had done, which is why I’m still here to tell the tale.  I later thanked those who cared for me in the cardiac wards by replacing the broken TVs in their meeting rooms.

“Since then, I’ve made numerous visits to the hospital and am always amazed at the level of care provided in all the many wards I’ve stayed.  Having also had experience of both the UK and US health systems over the years, I am not sure people here realise just how lucky we are to have such dedicated healthcare professionals here in New Zealand.

I was recently treated for colon cancer at Auckland City Hospital, which was a scary time.  I wanted to make a donation in recognition of the wonderful work Dr Arend Merrie and his team of surgeons and nurses, Dr Catherine Sayer and her anaesthesia team, and the nurses in the High Dependency Unit and Ward 76, who all did so much to get me through my very difficult operations for colon cancer.

“I would also love to thank all the ward staff, cleaning staff and theatre staff, and I’d like my donation to go towards training or help alleviate hardship for some staff at this very trying time due to COVID-19. They are working incredibly long hours at the moment, in challenging circumstances, and they really went out of their way to ease my stress both before and after surgery.

“All their support was so much appreciated, and now that I’m back home and doing well, I am even more grateful for their care,” says Jill.

Auckland Hospital Foundation Director Candy Schroder says the teams at Auckland City Hospital are incredibly grateful to Jill and others like her who support the hospital.

“Donations like Jill’s, made through the Auckland Hospital Foundation, go towards improvements in our hospital that assist staff and create better health outcomes for patients. Without the generosity of our supporters, our hospital teams wouldn’t have access to certain technology, training opportunities and facilities that not only help patients and their whānau but can also help to save lives.”

The teams at Auckland City Hospital are part of a big, caring, connected family. That family of dedicated healthcare professionals cares for every family, including Jill’s, and including yours. To make a donation and support the family that cares for every family, please click here.

To find out how you can support innovation in cancer care at Auckland City Hospital, click here.  Others have shared their incredible journeys of cancer care, which you can find on our stories page.  There you can read about 30-year-old Crisley’s battle with breast cancer, Micheal’s life with an inoperable brain tumour and Janice’s shocking discovery of cancer of the heart.  Like Jill, all are grateful for the cancer care they received at Auckland City Hospital.