How your donation will be spent and the difference you will make

An Emergency Trauma Simulation Package will help staff across Auckland City Hospital to practise their life-saving skills and communication.

This pack is full of equipment needed to simulate real-life emergencies.  Click here to see all the items needed for two complete Emergency Trauma Simulation Packages.  To discuss donating a specific item from the Emergency Trauma Simulation Package, email Hannah or call 09 307 6039.

Stretchers, splints and head immobilisers, which are all used when a patient is handed over to staff by ambulance personnel, will increase the realism of the scenario. This equipment will be used by all Emergency Department staff during weekly scenario training.

Equipment like torso manikins have arms designed so clinicians can practise difficult ways to access a patient’s vein, whilst an Intravenous (IV) Torso manikin allows clinicians to practise different ways of accessing veins for both advanced cardiac life support and trauma.

Manikins also respond like a patient can; they can bleed or bruise, veins can collapse or become compromised, and clinicians can train on numerous procedures in different scenarios. All nurses will use these high-tech manikins at least once a year as part of their refresher training.

Click here to see our Deputy Board Chair, Neurologist Dr Richard Frith, talk about the difference you’ll make.

Items in the Emergency Trauma Simulation Package range from $186 – $2,300.

To discuss the possibility of donating a specific item from the Emergency Trauma Simulation Package, please email Hannah or call 09 307 6039.  Thank you!

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Click here to hear more about Developing World-Class Simulation in Auckland from our Deputy Board Chair, Neurologist Dr Richard Frith.

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