New Stroke Centre of Excellence

Every year around 9,000 people in New Zealand have a stroke. It is our country’s third largest killer, claiming 2,500 lives annually.

With a growing and ageing population, Auckland City Hospital is seeing a steady increase in stroke patients.

Survivors are often left dependent on others and can require life-long care. Your donations can help these people have the best chance of survival and recovery.

Auckland City Hospital, in partnership with the government, is building a Stroke Centre of Excellence at Auckland City Hospital, which will provide 41 much-needed beds for stroke patients.

Auckland Hospital Foundation is raising funds to provide additional state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment for the facility, which would otherwise not be available to support people’s recovery. The rehabilitation equipment has been identified by leading stroke clinicians and has been proven to help accelerate the healing process for patients. Your donations can make this possible.

DONATE NOW to help stroke patients.

We want to create a welcoming, engaging and empowering environment; offering 24/7 access to high quality rehabilitation activity. Your donation could significantly improve patients’ physical and mental health, funding items such as:

  • Upper limb activity wall panel for patients to practice arm and hand movements.
  • Arm ‘de-weighter’ to help patients feed themselves, write, use a computer etc.
  • ‘LiteGait’ trainer and treadmill to promote balance, co-ordination and lower body strength.
  • Therapeutic resources to support concentration, memory and information processing.
  • Laptops with streaming services to connect patients with the outside world and online therapeutic applications.

The environment will give patients access to rehabilitation activity 24 hours a day, encouraging rehab beyond scheduled sessions and maximising opportunities to socialise.

Stroke patients come to Auckland City Hospital from across the upper half of the North Island to receive life-saving treatment. Rupert (above) was just 30 years old and in Hamilton when he suffered a severe stroke. The treatment Rupert received in Auckland saved him from permanent paralysis.

WATCH Rupert’s inspiring story of recovery here.

Stroke patients can spend weeks or even months in hospital. Survivor Paul (below) knows first-hand the benefits of rehabilitating in an environment that supports social activities and connection.

If you can, please donate here to provide the best experience for patients facing the devastating effects of a stroke. Every dollar you give will be spent directly on enhancing the Stroke Centre (opening this year) and will help patients for years to come.

Please DONATE NOW to enhance care for stroke patients.