Your support will help build a new treatment suite to help patients recover from the potentially devastating effects of stroke – the third major cause of death and disability in New Zealand.

Auckland City Hospital provides stroke treatment for people across the North Island, and with a growing and ageing population, we are seeing a steady increase in stroke patients.

Every year around 9,000 people in New Zealand have a stroke, claiming 2,500 lives. Survivors are often left dependent on others and can require life-long care after spending weeks or months in hospital, but endovascular clot retrieval can change all that.

This game-changing intervention has the biggest impact in terms of significantly reducing permanent disability following a stroke.

Your donation will go towards a new treatment suite to give stroke patients the best chance of survival and recovery.

Auckland City Hospital is a world leader in endovascular clot retrieval, where the brain clots that cause a stroke are mechanically removed. To meet growing demand, the hospital needs a dedicated treatment suite.

Currently the clot retrieval service shares facilities with other services across the hospital. This is fast becoming inadequate, with the hospital performing clot retrievals for over half the population of New Zealand.

Your support will help build a dedicated treatment suite, so more people can receive this game-changing treatment, and quicker.

The sooner the clot retrieval procedure is started following a stroke, the higher the chance of recovery, as 30-year-old Rupert discovered when he suffered a stroke in Hamilton and was flown to Auckland City Hospital. Rupert walked out of hospital a week later, but without endovascular clot retrieval, he would have required life-long care. Watch Rupert’s story of survival and recovery here.

A stroke can be devastating, but you can help change to game for hundreds of people every year. Click here to find out how.