Your support enables hospital projects that fall outside the scope of government funding.

You can help hospital teams can innovate faster, learn more and make life-saving advances sooner to provide even better care for you and your loved ones.

Your donations support your chosen area in Auckland City Hospital or its associated sites, including Greenlane Clinical Centre and Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre.

With your support, we can take healthcare beyond the potential of government funding, and help hospital teams do even more for patients and whānau in their care. We are truly grateful for that support.

Did you know?

Auckland City Hospital is…


New Zealand’s largest public hospital
NZ’s largest public hospital and clinical research facility, serving half a million people
New Zealand’s largest teaching hospital
NZ’s largest teaching hospital offering experience in the widest range of specialist fields
New Zealand’s busiest maternity ward
Home to NZ’s busiest maternity ward where around 7,000 babies are born every year
national women’s health centre for high-risk and complex pregnancies and births
The national women’s health centre for high-risk and complex pregnancies and births, nationwide
busiest Emergency Department
Home to NZ’s busiest Emergency Department which treats around 72,000 patients every year
heart and lung transplants provider NZ
NZ’s only provider of heart or lung transplants and the only to do combined liver and kidney transplants
ECMO - heart and lungs for critical ICU patients
NZ’s only provider of ECMO, a life support that acts as the heart and lungs for critical ICU patients
radiation therapy
Cares for cancer patients across Northern Region, and is the region’s only free radiation therapy provider
haematology and dialysis
Home to haematology and dialysis sites that help more than 4,000 local renal patients every year
greenlane eye clinic
Home to the Greenlane Eye Clinic, where 4,000+ cataract removals & delicate surgeries happen every year
clot retrieval
Regional provider of the most ground-breaking stroke treatment, endovascular clot retrieval
most used clinical education centre
Home to one of NZ’s busiest clinical education centres, serving over 14,000 health workers

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