Throughout our hospitals, you’ll find doctors, nurses and dedicated teams doing incredible things for your health. You can support the work they do, helping to bring new innovations to hospital services that matter especially to you.

We understand that when you give to the hospital, you may wish to donate directly to the specific service that helped you or your loved one. 

We will maximise your impact in the hospital department of your choice.

Whether you want to support intensive care patients, cancer patients, mental health clients or expectant mums – or any other hospital service – together we’ll make it happen.

If you’d like to talk to us about making a tailored donation call our Director, Candy Schroder, on 09 307 6039

When Paul Harvey (pictured right, with his occupational therapist Helen) suffered a stroke, he was cared for by dedicated stroke rehabilitation staff, and since being discharged in 2018, he has found purpose in giving back to the stroke ward.

Paul’s donations are making a meaningful difference for patients on the stroke ward, with improved rehabilitation facilities made possible thanks to his support.

He is also helping staff deliver the very best care for patients, and making their jobs easier, as a way of saying thank you for everything they did for him.

Read Paul’s story about giving back to the stroke ward here.

Wherever you were cared for in our hospitals, you can make a difference.  And we’re here to help you do just that.