Auckland Hospital Foundation’s Privacy Policy

The Auckland Hospital Foundation (AHF) recognises the importance of protecting supporters’ privacy. This is the current privacy policy for all personal information that AHF may collect, hold, use and disclose.


Supporter confidentiality

AHF adheres to the following principles:

  • Any personal information you provide will be held and used strictly in accordance with this privacy policy and the Privacy Act 2020.
  • Information about donations will be handled with respect.
  • Some supporters prefer anonymity. AHF respects the wishes of supporters who prefer their gift to remain confidential.
  • AHF will disclose personal information, for example contact information, to third parties working on behalf of AHF once they have acknowledged they will also treat that information as confidential.

What information is collected?

AHF collects and uses personal information from supporters including: addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, date of birth and event attendance; relationships with other supporters, banking establishment and donation dates/amounts.

Specific requests made by supporters are recorded; for example, requests to not be contacted via phone or to be excluded from certain mailings, as well as specific information provided by supporters, such as motivation for support, any correspondence with AHF, and highlights from interactions.

Other ways of supporting AHF will also be recorded, such as being a regular monthly supporter (Family Member) or considering, intending or having already included a gift for AHF in a Will.

The type of relationship with AHF is also specified, such as private individual, trust, organisation etc. AHF may use and track non-personally identifiable information from our official website(s), such as usage and volume statistics, for research purposes in order to further develop our marketing activities.

How information is collected

  • When donations, whether solicited or not, are made to AHF the details provided by supporters is recorded in its database, and supporters will be contacted unless they have opted out of receiving communications.
  • When a supporter uses a third party website (such as Just Giving, or Give a Little) to sponsor/support fundraising activities for AHF, supporter details provided are recorded in AHF’s database, and supporters will be contacted unless they have opted out of receiving communications from AHF.
  • Personal details of individuals/organisations who signed up for more information from AHF through its website(s) are also added to its database.
  • Individuals attending presentations/events are given the opportunity to complete evaluation forms or donation forms, on which they can specify whether they would like their details added to AHF’s database.
  • AHF obtains information about individuals/organisations only from other organisations authorised for such collection, e.g. authorised list brokers.

How AHF uses this information

Personal information is collected for the following purposes:

  • To distribute receipts for donations
  • To thank supporters for their donation and send donor acknowledgement letters
  • To inform supporters about upcoming fundraising activities, events, presentations and other activities of AHF
  • Internal analysis and record keeping
  • Direct communications including mailings and e-mails, to update on fundraising activities, ask for support with fundraising activities, surveys etc.
  • Direct contact to request supporter involvement in AHF communication and/or fundraising activities
  • Inform Auckland Hospital (and its associated services) of the donation and its intended use
  • Inform Auckland Hospitals Research and Endowment Fund of the donation and its intended use, when relevant
  • Any other purpose indicated at the time of supply of the information to AHF.

When donations are disclosed to Auckland Hospital or Auckland Hospitals Research and Endowment Fund these organisations’ privacy policies come into effect.

It should be noted that from time to time Auckland Hospital may be open to an Official Information Act request regarding donations received, but that donors’ individual details, which are not held by Auckland Hospital but may be known through the course of working together are, wherever possible, redacted and maintained in confidence from these requests.

Sometimes supporters have the option to have their name publicly associated with their donation. However, the supporter is asked if they would like to have their name associated with their donation, otherwise the default is that all donations are not to be publicly announced. If comments given can either directly or indirectly identify the supporter, permission will be sought prior to use in any promotional materials.

How AHF stores that information

All access to supporter financial information is strictly limited to professional staff responsible for processing and reporting on this data. To meet New Zealand Inland Revenue legal and audit requirements all financial information storage meets PCI compliance requirements. For online payments, AHF uses only fully accredited processing services. All information held electronically is managed for network security and protected from breach vulnerability by Health New Zealand’s Information Technology Services, Health Alliance.

Access and correction of information

Under the Privacy Act 2020 you have the right to access and request a correction to your personal information. To ensure that your recorded personal information is accurate and up-to-date, please notify AHF of any changes to your personal details as soon as possible through the following contact methods:

Phone: 09 307 6039