There are no rules. The main thing is to have fun and pledge whatever you can to help healthcare workers and patients in our hospitals. They need us and we need you, now, more than ever.

Follow these steps:

Dream up a challenge

Set up your fundraising page at

  • Just Giving will ask you to set up an account, this is painless.
  • Choose Auckland Hospital Foundation, New Zealand as your charity of choice.
  • Just Giving will send the funds you raise to your charity of choice. Your donors will be automatically receipted.
  • Choose the challenge you would like to do, or choose “my own challenge” from the choices on Just Giving.
  • Just Giving will walk you through the process of setting up your own page, always add a photo, your story, a target and donate to yourself first, this sets the benchmark for your friends and family to follow suit.
Follow these steps:

You can share your fundraising page straight from Just Giving via email or Facebook. You will be surprised at the response and how much you can raise using an online fundraising page. Do thank your supporters and keep them updated on your progress.

Your online proceeds will be provided to Auckland Hospital Foundation via Just Giving. If you collect offline funds please either donate these via our website or bank transfer. Auckland Hospital Foundation is listed as a payee with all major banks in New Zealand.

It would be lovely to speak with you and learn about what you are doing to support us so please get in touch.