Making stroke care exceptional

Together, we’re making the new Centre of Excellence for Stroke exceptional for patients

Stroke is our country’s third largest killer. Every year, around 9,000 New Zealanders have a stroke, of which 2,500 die. Those who survive are often left dependent on others and can require lifelong care.

Auckland City Hospital is seeing a steady increase in stroke patients. In response, and in partnership with the government, the Auckland City Hospital is building a new Stroke Centre of Excellence at Auckland City Hospital.

You can help us make it exceptional.

The integrated unit will mean clinicians can treat and rehabilitate more stroke patients in a single purpose-built facility, which research shows leads to better patient outcomes. The centre will also boost the hospital’s overall capacity by 41 much-needed inpatient beds.

Our leading stroke clinicians have identified additional rehabilitation equipment, technology and design features that could further accelerate patient healing, but which sit outside government funding. Incorporating higher quality rehabilitation activities and a more engaging and empowering environment could significantly improve patients’ physical and mental wellbeing.

We’re aiming to raise $500,000 for stroke patients at Auckland City Hospital to receive:

  • better walking assistance, via equipment like a Lite Gait treadmill
  • elements of nature in indoors, including artwork
  • laptops, tablets and internet access
  • access to music to help them relax
  • a more homely environment to provide normality
  • access to creative activities to stimulate rehabilitation
  • support for families to visit and even stay with their loved ones in hospital
  • social activities to avoid depression and build connections
  • shared meals for social interaction
  • leisure activities to improve mental and physical rehabilitation

To help provide an exceptional experience for patients suffering the effects of stroke – some of whom spend several months in hospital – please donate here today or call 09 307 6046 if you would like to gift in kind, sponsor or fundraise for this project.

You can also contribute towards the following items on our Stroke Unit ‘wish list’:

  • $63,525 – ‘LiteGait’ trainer and treadmill
  • $10,000 – Portable/Pop up beds
  • $69,607 – Tablets at each bed space and patient computer stations
  • $12,890 – Rehabilitation and leisure equipment
  • $80,000 – Artwork
  • $40,000 – Seating for shared spaces
  • $20,000 – Sound system for the unit

Click here to make a donation today, and ensure patients like Rupert receive the best possible care. We thank you for your support.