Showing love through the storms

We share our appreciation and celebration with our supporters in our latest newsletter.

We thank our supporters for brightening a stormy start to 2023.

The extreme weather events we all experienced left a wake of damage and loss, with many of our healthcare workers affected. 

Just as we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, our supporters stepped up and helped those who needed it, which you can read about in our newsletter.  It was heart-warming to see, yet again, everyone’s willingness to stand by each other through tough times.

Despite the destruction caused by the flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle, we have had plenty to appreciate and celebrate, including a prestigious national award for the hospital’s Employee Support Centre, which is funded with donations to our Manaaki Fund for staff wellness (see story, page 2).

Without people like you, this win would not have been possible, and it is fantastic seeing the hospital recognised for initiatives where our supporters have made such a big impact.

As we head into winter, which means the hospital is getting busier, we remain committed to fundraising for hospital advancements that help give every family the best possible healthcare. 

Our cover story introduces you to Antony Murphy, who has joined our fundraising journey in support of our nurses, with his goal to put a new pair of feet on every floor of Auckland City Hospital.  Despite Antony’s devastating loss of his wife Lauren, he is determined to make something good come from it.

We are incredibly grateful to Antony and others who spend time in Auckland City Hospital and choose to give back, helping the hospital become even better for everyone.

As we grow as a charity, it is wonderful to see donors, like the Hunter family, wanting to give again and continue making a positive difference for more patients (see story, page 2).

Donations such as these have led to our larger-than-life donor recognition wall near the hospital’s main entrance, which you can read about in this newsletter.  The names listed on the ever-growing wall, along with all our supporters, are truly helping our hospital teams do even more.  I thank you.

With my heartfelt gratitude and best wishes for a safe winter, ngā mihi nui,

Candy Schroder

Director, Auckland Hospital Foundation

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