Easing the burden of COVID-19

The Todd Foundation has provided a donation to our health workers as part of its response to COVID-19.

If we get sick, we don’t know who would bring in the money our families need. Some colleagues are now working two jobs, working on their days off.

The donation of $50,000 will help Auckland City Hospital’s most vulnerable health workers keep coming to work and stay safe during our ongoing COVID-19 response.  Many of these workers are the cleaners, orderlies, security and kitchen staff, a vital workforce at all times but particularly during these pandemic conditions. 

Auckland Hospital Foundation Director Candy Schroder says the team recognised an opportunity and responsibility to support these people in ways that can further support them to do their life’s best work at Auckland City Hospital, and the Todd Foundation is helping to make that possible.

“The Auckland Hospital Foundation is backing the priority to support the most vulnerable members of the health service workforce; low paid workers, Māori and Pacific and those with a disability or access need.  We are so grateful to the Todd Foundation for supporting this effort, which is helping our hospital staff who are struggling financially and finding it difficult to buy food, perhaps due to job losses within their own and extended whānau,” says Candy.

Non-Clinical Support Team Leader Lise Taisalika (above) says, “If we get sick, we don’t know who would bring in the money our families need. Some colleagues are now working two jobs, working on their days off.”

Donations like that from the Todd Foundation provide short-term immediate relief for those working in our hospital who have been most impacted by COVID-19, and also help ensure more sustainable support in the longer term for those who need it.

Orderly Sam Fuimaono (below) says, “This is not just about the pandemic; it’s about giving ourselves and our children the opportunity to improve our lives and change the direction.”

Thanks to the Todd Foundation, staff will receive extra care packages, transport support, accommodation relief and food. Funds will also go towards the Wellness Centre, which the Auckland Hospital Foundation helps to provide at Auckland City Hospital.  The centre connects staff to information and external services, to provide longer term help for families that need it most.

Candy says, “This pandemic has put unprecedented personal strain on every member of our Auckland City Hospital whānau; physically, emotionally and financially.  But with support like that from the Todd Foundation, we can ease the pressure on our incredible health workers and their whānau at this challenging time and beyond.”

If you would like to join the Todd Foundation in supporting health worker wellness at Auckland City Hospital, please click here and select ‘Manaaki Fund – staff wellness’.

The Todd Foundation’s vision is an inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand where all families, children and young people can thrive and contribute.  Whakawhāiti Aotearoa, hei oranga wairua, oranga tāngata. Visit the Todd Foundation website here.