Regional Cancer Centre | Te Pūriri o Te Ora

Regional Cancer Centre | Te Pūriri o Te Ora


Auckland City Hospital is home to the Regional Cancer Centre | Te Pūriri o Te Ora, which treats all patients in the Northern Region of New Zealand. 

When you support this team, you’re supporting the 1.5 million people in Greater Auckland who may one day rely on this service for life-saving care. With one in three of us affected by cancer, the more we do now for those facing a cancer battle, the better for us all.

The team’s impact

Auckland City Hospital’s Regional Cancer Centre | Te Pūriri o Te Ora is:

  • The Northern Region’s only public provider of radiation therapy
  • New Zealand’s sole provider of specialist national services, including xxx
  • Responsible for supporting cancer patients from Mercer to Cape Reinga
  • A leading haematology provider – diagnosing and treating blood disorders, involving bone marrow, lymph nodes, blood clotting processes, and blood cells and plasma; including cancers of the blood
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The team's impact

This team is at the forefront of cancer treatment in New Zealand. Why?

  • The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (Motutapu Ward), built with philanthropic funds, is a modern 30-bed inpatient ward, co-designed with patients to create an environment that sets the standard in patient-centred care
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Donations help the Cancer Care team provide the best possible outcomes for patients and their whānau.

Supporting this incredible team can improve what’s possible for future cancer patients – through better facilities, advanced treatment options, the latest technology, and life-saving research.

Supporter highlights so far


Almost $500,000 has been donated in the last five years towards advancing cancer care
Research has been funded to improve treatment strategies and outcomes for bowel cancer patients
Taxis for cancer patients have been funded, to get them safely to/from their hospital appointments

A word with Cancer Care Director Fritha Hanning

We shine a spotlight on Cancer Care at Auckland City Hospital.

Cancer Care Director, Fritha Hanning, shares her insights into advancements happening here and around the world, which have the potential to transform cancer care.

Fritha describes how her team strives to provide extraordinary care for patients and their whānau following a cancer diagnosis, and she explains how extra funds could make a big difference.

[As an example, click below to see Malcolm Underwood’s Q&A write-up]

A word with Cancer Care Director Fritha Hanning
New purpose-built cancer treatment suites

New purpose-built cancer treatment suites

Donations will go towards facilities that best improve outcomes for cancer patients. New state-of-the-art facilities for example, such as a brachytherapy treatment suite, would help to improve outcomes for people with gynaecological and other cancers. Despite being the Northern Region’s only provider of brachytherapy, Auckland City Hospital does not have a dedicated space for this treatment.

Currently, treatment is provided across multiple locations in the hospital, creating a more stressful and less dignified patient experience. Sitting outside the scope of government funding, facilities like this rely on us to be realised. You can help cancer patients through one of life’s greatest challenges.

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