Cardiothoracic and Vascular Care (hearts, lungs and blood vessels)

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Care (hearts, lungs and blood vessels)


The Cardiovascular and Thoracic Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) is a vital part of Auckland City Hospital’s Cardiovascular Services, and it is also part of the largest cardiothoracic surgery unit in Australasia.

When you support Cardiovascular Care, you’re not just supporting a hospital unit, you’re supporting a lifesaving team that cares for the hearts and lungs of critical patients from across New Zealand.

The team’s impact

In the last year alone, the Cardiovascular team has:

  • Treated the hearts of 1,000 New Zealanders
  • Treated 800 sets of lungs, including those with cancer
  • Performed 40 heart or lung transplants on Kiwis nationwide
  • Performed around 2,600 interventional cardiology procedures
  • Provided mechanical life support to 55 people – saving their lives with ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) – a miracle machine that takes over the job of their heart and lungs when theirs are unable to keep them alive.
The team's impact

This team is the lifeline for every New Zealander facing critical heart and lung conditions. Why?

  • Auckland City Hospital is New Zealand’s only provider of heart and lung transplants
  • Our Cardiovascular team is New Zealand’s only provider of life-saving ECMO therapy
  • It is the national provider for complex interventional cardiology procedures

Your donation can support the Cardiovascular team in saving more lives, nationwide.

Supporting this incredible team will improve what’s possible for future surgical and transplant patients, cardiology patients, or patients with severe heart and lung failure who need ECMO to survive.

Supporter highlights so far


Over $174,500 has been donated in the last four years towards advancing cardiovascular care
NZ's first-ever supine bike
NZ’s first supine bike in an ICU has been funded to help rehabilitate bed-bound CVICU patients
Surgical instruments have been funded to meet the growing demand for minimally invasive cardiac surgery

A word with Cardiovascular Director Malcolm Underwood

We take you into the heart of Cardiovascular Care at Auckland City Hospital.

Cardiovascular Director, Malcolm Underwood, shares his insights into advancements happening here and around the world, which are transforming heart and lung care.

Malcolm reveals his team’s mission to improve patient outcomes for New Zealand’s critical heart and lung patients, and he explains how extra funds could make a big difference.

A word with Cardiovascular Director Malcolm Underwood
Simulation and transplant advancements

Simulation and transplant advancements

Donations will go towards technology that best improves outcomes for patients facing life-threatening, and often time-critical, heart and lung conditions; such as the latest and greatest simulation training equipment or game-changing advancements in heart transplants.

New SimMan 3G Critical Care, for example, is the world’s most advanced patient simulator for emergency care procedures but sits beyond government budgets. SimMan would enable Cardiovascular teams to train for every possible emergency scenario in lifelike, risk-free settings; gaining critical care skills without having to travel abroad.

New state-of-the-art transplant technology, such as Heart Transport Box (XVIVO Heart Assist Transport device), could help save the lives of more heart transplant patients nationwide – enabling donor hearts to come from overseas thanks to a ground-breaking heart preservation method. Sitting outside the scope of government funding, technology like this relies on us.

News in Cardiovascular Care

Catch up on the incredible work happening in Auckland City Hospital’s CVICU and wider Cardiovascular teams.

Another NZ-first vascular service

A New Zealand first, mobile nurse-led vascular service has hit the road in Northland.

Pioneering heart device saving lives

Kiwi runs half marathon after Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) keeps him alive for heart transplant.

Gotta keep moving…

Patients can start their rehab journey earlier than ever, thanks to donation of NZ’s first supine bike in an ICU.

Meet the patients

Auckland City Hospital’s CVICU and wider Cardiovascular teams have introduced us to some resilient and inspiring people who have experienced first-hand the teams’ commitment and care – helping them survive and thrive.