With the cumulative generosity of our Friends of Auckland City Hospital – people like you – we can deliver ongoing, long-term improvement programmes in our hospital.

Our growing group of Friends of Auckland City Hospital make monthly donations that help the hospital go beyond what government funding provides, so hospital teams can do more for patients and whānau in their care. But we need more Friends, so we can do more.

Are you ready to join a trusted community where your monthly contribution can truly make a meaningful impact?

We know it’s a new commitment, and your money is precious, so please keep reading below.

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We’re on a mission to foster a group of 5,000 Friends of Auckland City Hospital.

We invite you to become a Friend of Auckland City Hospital, and be part of our hospital community, which aims to raise $1.5M annually through monthly gifts like yours.

For the equivalent cost of a single meal out each month, you could help our world-class hospital teams enhance the care and health of every family, including yours.

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Want to understand more about the impact you will make with your fellow Friends of Auckland City Hospital?

Our supporters’ cumulative gifts (pictured) have brightened many lives across many hospital departments in the past five years – helping to enhance the care and health of patients, their whānau, and our communities.

We are so grateful to our existing Friends for the improvements they have enabled so far; from better equipment and improved facilities, to faster services and new treatments; they have supported our goal to give every family the best possible healthcare.

If we can achieve all this in our first five years, imagine the difference 5,000 Friends of Auckland City Hospital could make in the next five years?

Auckland City Hospital is New Zealand’s largest training hospital and, as the only provider of important specialist and intensive care services, its teams are responsible for saving the lives of people across the country. Our first five years have proven (even amid a global pandemic) that your support can give hospital teams state-of-the-art equipment and empower them to perform at their highest potentential.

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Your monthly gifts will go to our most pressing needs so, collectively, you make the biggest possible impact. And, as a Friend, you can rely on us to keep you updated on the difference your donations are making.

We typically rely on our friends for many things in life – a hug, a shoulder, a listening ear, a good laugh, and so on. We rarely rely on our friends to save our life, deliver our babies, help us relearn to walk, save our sight, give us new lungs, and so on.

That’s what makes this friendship special…

We will all rely on Auckland City Hospital at some point in our lives, and the incredible teams will be there 24/7 to care for us, and possibly even save us. The hospital is, literally, a friend for life.

Hospital staff now rely on us to go beyond what government funding can provide, to keep up with international advancements, and help teams get the best resources to do their best work for you, your loved ones and every Kiwi.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Friend today. To join, click here.

Collectively, you will enable us to deliver ongoing, longer-term improvement programmes in our hospital